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x( Miss Megan Mackay )x 

x(Now Where Eh Start)x

x(This Girl Is One In A Million A Tell Ya!)x

x(Av Bin Best Pals Wae Hur Fur Aboot 3 Years Noo!)x

x(xNxWe've Still Yet Fall Oot LoL)x

 x(A Dont Know Where Ad B Wivowt Dis One)x

x(xNx A Luv Hur Wiv Awl Ma Heart xNx Sole)x



x( Miss Leigh Mckechnie )x 

x(Now Miss Leigh Mckechnie)x

x(Where Do A Begin Man)x

x(Wew She's Wan Unique Little Girl A Hav Eh Say!)x

x(A Cldn't Find A Replacement Fur Hur If A Tried.)x

x(She Helps Meh Wae Everyhink Man)x

x(From What Eh Wear ... Eh Wat Guys Eh Go For lmao)x

x(Not That A Seem Eh Pay Attention Eh Hur)x

x(But Hey She Forgives Me! lol)x

x(Well A Better Stop Ramblin About Dis One)x

x(B4 A End Up Writin An Essay On Hur lol)x

x(Well A Luv Hur Wiv Awl Ma Heart xNx A Wld Gladly Do Nefink For Her)x


x( Miss Lianne McMullen )x

x(Now me xNx this lassie)x

x(hav had our ups xNx downs xNx our punchups lol)x

x(but we're back to the good old times)x

x(xNx havin an absolute buzz)x

x(Av bin missin our wee chats hunni!)x

x((shes left me to bee a big college girl!:())x

x(av no git a bad word to say about this one!)x

x(a mean how can a with all those partys she used to throw;))x

x(Wew Lads She's Awl Luved Up Wiv Abie Da Now So Eye's Off;))x





x( Miss Lisa Perrie )x

x(Now this girl is a wee dawlie a tell ya)x

x(she's ma niece/cousin/best bud all rapped up into da one)x

x(xNx a wouldnt replace her for da world)x

x(We had a wee fall owt a while a go)x

x(but we dont need eh go into at wan cos we're back on track)x

x(xNx one fing we've learnt is at guys jus aint worth losin yer pals over!)x

x(A can tell this lassie nefink man)x

x(xNx ano she wld take it to her grave with her)x

x(a wldnt change nefink about her xNx a class her as ma wee sis:D)x


Miss Natalie Crawford is on da right;)

x( Miss Natalie Crawford )x

x( this is a tough one a dont realli no where eh start!)x

x(shes a wee gem even tho she has her wee accidents (SPUNKY))x

x(but hey we all make mistakes sumtimes)x

x(a luv her bits n a sure as hell wont let anyone mess wae her!)x

x(hammy soon found that one owt!;))x


  x( Miss Nicole Beattie )x

x(Now this girl is a wee dahlin a tell ya)x

x(av no knowin hur for long but shes a wee cracker)x

x(xNx a wouldnt replace her for da world)x

x(She helps me with everythink man)x

x(n helps me sort owt ma man guy problems lol)x

x(xNx a honestly hav never met such a giggler!)x

x(Dis lassie jus giggos n giggos)x

x(am beginnin eh fink shes got some disorder:P )x

x(shes ma wee babey n a wont let anyone fuck hur about)x

x(xNx she's Young Free Singo xNx Ready eh Mingo guys so get yoor offers in;))x

 x( Miss Rachel Ravey )x

x( this is a tough one a dont realli no where eh start!)x

x(xNx Dats probs cos av onli met hur once lmfaooo!)x

x(xNx a was pretty mwi when a did lol)x

x(But a fink a had a nice wee convo!)x

x(xNx av bin tawkin eh hur on da bold msn:P)x

x(wew she seems like a lovely girl xNx shes single a fink so get yoor offers in :P)x


x( Mr Jack Provan )x

x(wew wew wew this guy is absolutely fantastic!)x

x(a cldnt live wae owt um man!)x

x(av known um fur a year on da 30th eh Oct lmao)x

x(xNx a can tell um absolutely anythin)x

x(ee doesnt like to admit it but ee knows ee's a wee star)x

x(xNx a luv um eh bits)x


x( Craig Stewart )x
x(Now this boy has eh b da most confusin wan eh dem awl!)x
x(One min eh throws abuse it me en da nxt ee wants eh b pals:S weird eh !:P)x
x(We started off as a wee coupo but we had a wee fall oot n decided jus eh b pals)x
x(av luved hated n despised this boy awl within a few months! lol)x
x(but ee's ma wee bud now cos he's learnt eh keep his mouth shut;) ko ye know a luv yi really! lmao)x
x(n his mums a wee darlin anall (shes expectin a baby:D:D:D ))x
x(wew enuf about this wan n oh craig! member am number 1;))x

x( Miss Cara Arr )x