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x( Lassie Of Da Month )x

x(Well this was a tuff one)x

x(but has to be)x

x(Miss Leigh Mckechnie)x

x(cos shes an absolute star!)x

x(Dis girl helps me throo everythin man)x

x(xNx she can always make me laff)x

x(wew a dont hav a pic eh this one)x

x(a seem eh b unable eh find wan:()x

x(but guys get yer offers in cos shes single;))x

x( Boy Of Da Month )x

x(wew wew wew this is a tuff one)x

x(but it has eh b)x


x(Dis guy is a legend a tell ye!)x

x(Dont know where ad b wae oot um)x

x(ee always manages eh get a a smile on ma face:D)x

x(xNx He's always der when ye need sumone tae tlk to!)x

x(Wew a luv um eh bits:D;))x

x(xNx ee's single laydee's so get da offers in :P)x

x( Hunni of da month )x

x(wew this is a tuff one)x

x(but it has eh b da one n only)x

x(Miss Lisa Perrie)x

x(She's ma wee star n a actual luff her eh bits)x

x(Shes bin der for me throo thick n thin)x

x(yeah we had our wee fall owt)x

x(but we're back on track now:D)x

x(xNx shes single guys;) so get yer offers in:p)x

x( Miss Cara Arr )x